Minimum deposit: is £20 sign up and receive a 200%up to $1,000 deposit bonus

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Betfair Poker Bonus

Using the Betfair Poker Bonus Codes

Betfair Poker is currently offering five separate welcome bonus amounts, ranging from $50 up to $2,500. These are not match bonuses. Rather, Betfair Poker will give you the bonus amount of your choosing, so long as you make an initial deposit of at least $10 and meet the playthrough requirements. By entering... Betfair Poker bonus code WELCOME50, you'll receive a $50 bonus. You'll have 90 days to clear the bonus, which is released at a rate of $5 for every 40 Player Points you earn.

Betfair Poker

bonus code WELCOME50, you'll receive a $50 bonus
bonus code WELCOME2500, you'll earn the maximum bonus: $2,500

Betfair Poker bonus code WELCOME250, Betfair will give you $250 in bonus cash. This bonus expires in 60 days, and is released in $10 increments each time you earn 80 Player Points. Betfair Poker bonus code WELCOME500, you'll earn a $500 bonus. This bonus is released in increments of $25 each time you generate 225 Player Points. This bonus, as well as the next two, expires 60 days from the time of initialbonus code WELCOME50, you'll receive a $50 bonus deposit. Betfair Poker bonus code WELCOME1000, you'll receive $1,000 in bonus dollars. Each time you make 1,000 Player Points, Betfair gives you $100. Betfair Poker bonus code WELCOME2500, you'll earn the maximum bonus: $2,500. You'll earn $500 of this bonus each time you earn 7,000 Player Points.

Clearing the Betfair Poker Bonus

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As with most other online card rooms, Betfair Poker requires you to earn points in order to clear your initial deposit bonus. These points, known as PLayer Points, are awarded to players who wager real money in cash games and pay entry fees into tournaments. Each time you contribute $1 to the Betfair Poker rake, the site will give you 3.25 Player Points. Similarly, Betfair Poker will give you 5 Player Points for paying $1 in tournament fees. For example, if you choose the $250 sign up bonus, you'll need to earn 2,000 Player Points (80 x 25) to clear the entire bonus. Clearing the entire $2,500 bonus would require 35,000 Player Points.

Betfair Poker Promotions

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etfair Poker offers a variety of promotions for both new players and veterans. One of these promotions is the $20,000 Saturday Magic Hands promotion, in which players can be awarded up to $200 for each time they had strong hand that was outdrawn during the previous week. Aside from unique promotions such as this, Betfair Poker also features several permanent incentives.