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Welcome to section, which the main purpose is to provide you a guide of all relevant steps how to successfully furrow waters of online casinos gambling. It is not needed to have some experience with online casinos all you need is to carefully read following lines. Before moving to registration or transfer of money to online casino it is good to do some preparatory steps. Ffirst one is to open a bank account. No matter, what bank you choose, but we recommend to choose those one, which will provide you an embossed credit card (preferred is VISA Classic) immediately after creation of the bank account. Then it can be used for instant deposit not only for internet casinos, but mainly for internet online wallets, where registration of a bank account is required. .There are two options – Moneybookers and Neteller. We can recommend casinos you to do a registration and first deposit in both of these wallets as each one offer different advantages and disadvantages. Adding to this an embossed credit card, there will be no problem for you to send money to any of casino within a few seconds. Recommend online casinos (example: casino slots online).

Online casinos the security, reliability or fairness of games

Frequently asked question regarding internet online casinos andonline gambling sites is the question related to the security, reliability or fairness of games. It would be naïve to think that internet online casinos do not face the pitfalls of today’s internet. On their servers are stored very valuable data, which are attractive for hacker or organized group. One of basic element, that is used by virtual casinos and some other institutions including banks, electronic wallets and other entities, that store an sensitive information on their servers, is encryption of data using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is based on something like encryption of communication between the casino and your computer. For online casinos is data security very important point and therefore they are using up to 256-bit encryption, which guarantees a high level of security for money transfer and other sensitive operations. To ensure the fairness of the game, casinos use the random generation of numbers RNG (Random Number Generator) to prevent any manipulation by the players or casino as well.

Online casinos bonus, requirements of the bonus or wagering requirements

In order to withdraw money from casino including the received bonuses, it is needed to fulfill requirements of the bonus or wagering requirements (WR). WR tells us, how much money we have to rollover in the casino to enable us to withdraw our cash. As an example we can use WR in the known 888Casino. In the conditions here we can see, that you need to bet 15 times the amount of your deposit and bonus before you can withdraw your bonus. This is a classic cashable bonus in amount of 100%. If you bet as your first deposit 100 €, you will receive bonus in amount of 100 € too and you will need to bet 15 x (100+100), so it means 3 000 € to withdraw the money from online casino including the bonus you received. WR is necessary to use in such games, where the smallest loss is expected. In other words - where casino has the smallest advantage called house edge (HE). What exactly HE means? This indicator tells us how much the statistically expected profit of the casino is. E.g. HE 0,5 % means, that for every 100 units wagered player statistically recovers 99,5 units and profit of a casino is 0,5 unit. If you use the above mentioned example from CasinoEuro, after wagering 3 000 € in blackjack is our expected loss 15 €, our profit then should be 75 €. This of course needs to be considered in the longer terms (hundreds or thousands games), the more games the higher expectation of this expected result. In the short term we can see major fluctuations, either in favor to the player or casino as well.

Online casinos instructions how to register and start to play

Today’s casinos are trying to ensure the easiest and the most intuitive way of registration. If you have already chosen some internet casino, here are detail instructions how to register and start to play there. Once you select a 888casino which suits to you, please click e.g. button the access into casino (in detail of casino), which will transfer you directly to the casino itself. You will be asked if you want to download software into your computer – confirm using OK button (in case there will be no such question, you should find Download button). Software is usually not a product of the casino, but it is managed by an external company e.g. Boss Media, PlayTech et.,

Online Casino Money management

To really win, and in online casino betting mainly, it is important to set up your own money management. Let start with a basic rules of money management, which is sipmly said - "do not lose all". The principle here is to win something and on the other hand here to lose something, but mainly leave at best. Poker players called it in slang 'grinding it out'. Most common habit of casino players is to waist carrefully accumulated money within two minutes. Perhaps all of you who play the games know, that if you win something, it should participate in game paid off. Now you decide to bet in Blackjack at uncertain card as you hope that this time you will be a winner or you want to reverse as soon as possible the losses from your last round. And in the second you will lose everything you worked on before. That is unprofessional, so do not do it. If you like Martingale casino system, you should know, that it is going against main idea of right money management. The main purpose of money management is to lose as little as possible. So after every winning bet you should decrease the next deposit into game. In average you can not expect two wins in a round less then win and lose. While betting smaller and smaller amount, you will waist little money in case of lose and this is a goal.